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I Love You

When I started this blog, ten years ago today, I didn’t know what I was doing. I was in my late twenties and single. I had friends near and far. Family I saw at Thanksgiving time and Christmas. I worked a respectable office job, but as I came to the end of five years of chipping away at a master’s degree in writing, a class at a time over night school and weekends, I knew I wanted a different life. For the immediate future, I wanted to go to a full-time MFA program in creative writing. One last shot at chasing a dream of being a writer that I’d deferred and pursued in cockeyed ways like a daily fictional blog project and starting a website about a cappella music. There were other things I wanted, too. A lifelong romantic, I still wanted to find a more permanent, loving relationship. I’d had two long-term relationships that, against the odds, I’d called off, as age and experience showed me not every relationship could be happy, or had to be the one . I wanted to be a father, too. So

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